Prices for campaigning as

THIS IS EXCLUSIVE Of entry fees, travel, show prep
(unless you are transporting/show prepping your horse yourself). Riding at shows is included in your weekly fees when in full training. 

Cargill Tyson Equestrian are very busy competing at dressage and eventing shows throughout show season with the occasional show jumping show for the eventers to attend. 

With so many years of collective experience riding at FEI across disciplines, we will endeavour to give your horse the perfect start to its competition career or help your horse reach new levels of competition. 

Ben is very experienced with taking young jumpers out and giving them confidence in show jumping and cross country. He has a very relaxed style and teaches them to jump out of their rhythm and develop their own natural technique over the fence and the iniative to jump well if they don’t always get the perfect ride. He is also a very experienced 3* rider, producing many horses to this level with ambition to ride at 4* in the not too distant future. He does have some limited availability for long term rides and partnerships to produce elite level eventers as a part of his team. 

Amber is a very experienced and effective dressage trainer and competition rider. She has a talent for helping horses become more rideable in the ring at shows and introducing the lateral work and collection efficiently allowing her to progress up the dressage levels fairly quickly. She currently has a good team of dressage youngsters after her recent shift of focus from eventing to dressage and would welcome short or long term partnerships for dressage horse of all levels to join her team. Ben often tags along to the dressage shows and can assist with young/green/ quirky dressage horses looking to start their dressage careers too. 

Campaigning packages can apply to a range of situations. 
– Short term training with us including some shows to start your horses career, improve behaviour at shows or level up with something that has been challenging you
– Campaigning in conjunction with sales preparation to help market your horse
– Long term owner/rider partnerships 

Another possible option is for us to develop a partnership with your horse when it is in training here and we can still keep competing your horse once you take it home if you bring it for training the week before, or even for a few rides depending on the horses needs. This means you can even take your horse to the show yourself, tack up, show prep and we can just hop on and ride which is a cost-effective option available for specific horses. Pricing for this option would be on a case by case basis so please reach out to us if you have questions about pricing. 

Prices for campaigning – $450 + GST per week + entry fees, travel, show prep (unless you are transporting/show prepping your horse yourself). Riding at shows is included in your weekly fees when in full training.